miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

Eternal Champions - The thin strings of fate OST (youtube)

There were people who asked me to publish the remixes I've done for my mod, so here I leave a youtube play list so that you can enjoy it, as soon as possible I will upload the mp3 music tracks for you to download. Here you have the playlist:

Eternal Champion Theme Remix by Krauser
Xavier Pendragon Theme Remix by Krauser

WII port in action!!!

it seems the WII port works better than the XBOX port

Take a look

The XBOX port works great!!!

The XBOX port works great, here you have the download page, try it!!

Here you have the link, just press the download button

Thanks to Hardak for the upload.

Youtube walkthrough 1080P HD by AmitDabydeen

This is an incredible walkthrough in 1080P HD on youtube by AmitDabydeen
WARNING!!! this is a huge spoiler !!!!
enjoy !!!
This the Playlist:

An example Stage 2: