domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Get the mod

Run perfect on PC (PSP port coming soon)
Getting the mod from here for free:

PC - cloudzer
PC - rapidgator
PC - depositfiles


This is the first official trailer, enjoy


According to the player's decisions can be accessed to a rudimentary level up system, gaining improvements in MP and HP and learning new combos and special skills.


My original idea was to make a trilogy, an individual game for each of the 3 main characters:
Shadow Yamoto campaign
Tyler Larcen campaign
Jonathan Blade campaign
and a fourth game that could use the three characters in a 3 players arcade mode independent of the main story.
but the first one, the "Shadow Yamoto campaign" has taken me almost 4 years to complete, so just present this only mod.
it is a long hard game, but with a lot of possibilities:
-alternative secret ways
-4 Ends in the main campaign
-3 Ends for extra modes
-3 Unlockable modes, with 2 very different ways in each mode
-5 Unlockable characters